We have planning permission, have used the cost calculator on this site to give a guide and have worked out roughly what everything we wanted should cost. The architects estimate was a bit below what my calculations were but close enough to be considered a little naive but not out of all proportion to the work. The actual quotes are essentially double my estimation and out of all proportion to the value of the scheme, we’d wouldn’t get our money back for about 15 -20 years. At these prices no-one would ever undertake such a scheme unless they live in the South East, or some place where houses are very expensive. It would be cheaper to rebuild from scratch (no VAT). Anyone with experience that can comment offer advice?

  • Patrick Abbott


    I wonder what your final answer was? We have just had our builders’ quote (it reminded me of eating a raw onion) that was double this sites’ estimate and a third more than the architect thought! I guess the estimated £1200/m2 for the south east is no longer valid.

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