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The Best Bathroom Radiators for a Stylish and Toasty Space

Included in this guide:

Best bathroom radiators guide
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Choosing the best bathroom radiator for your space can be a little overwhelming. You can end up with plenty of questions before you've even starting browsing, and we're here to help. 

Before you buy you need to consider whether you need dual fuel or electric? Are you going for a contemporary bathroom design or looking for something more traditional? 

Whether you're renovating a house and looking to replace your bathroom radiators or taking on a self build and looking for styles to include, we've picked a range of bathroom radiators for all styles and budgets that will keep your room (and towels) toasty.

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Best Bathroom Radiators

The Terma Michelle is one of the best bathroom radiators

(Image credit: Terma)

1. Terma Michelle Towel Warmer

The best contemporary buy, with a high heat output

Heating Type: Dual fuel - central heating; element needed for electric heating
Material: Mild Steel
Dimensions: 1200mm (H) / 500mm (W)
Colour: Orange and Graphite
Reasons to buy
+Contemporary floating bar design+600W+ heat output+Suitable for all boiler types
Reasons to avoid
-Slightly higher price point-Electric element needed to make it dual fuel

If you're looking for a dual fuel model that's contemporary in design and has a heat output of 600W+ then this is a good pick. 

The Terma Michelle can run off the central heating system in the winter months and can be switched to run as an electric towel radiator during the summer. You will need a Terma heating element and the Terma Integrated Valve with Immersion Tube to make it dual fuel.

This is a two-tone graphite and orange model, but there are other colour combinations like copper and cream to match your bathroom design colour scheme.

Rather than the standard ladder design, the Terma Michelle features a masking cover that discreetly hides two upright collectors, which makes the bars appear as if they're floating.

Buy Terma Michelle Graphite & Orange Towel Warmer

This NRG radiator is one of the best bathroom radiators

(Image credit: NRG)

2. NRG Traditional Bathroom Heated Towel Rail Column Radiator

The best bathroom radiator to achieve a traditional style

Heating Type: Central heating
Material: Cast iron
Dimensions: 952mm (H) / 659mm (W)
Colour: Anthracite and Chrome
Reasons to buy
+Connects like a radiator to the central heating system+Heat output of a radiator+Fixing pack included
Reasons to avoid
-Only suitable for a towel or two

The NRG column style heated towel radiator in anthracite will add a classic twist to a contemporary bathroom or feel right at home in a traditional scheme.

It connects to the central heating system so has the heat output of a radiator but can be used as a towel rail to keep soggy towels at bay.

It's also available in white and chrome and in smaller, narrower sizes, too.

Buy the NRG Traditional Bathroom Heated Towel Rail Column Radiator

The Terma Outcorner is one of the best bathroom radiators

(Image credit: Terma)

3. Terma Outcorner

The best space-saving radiator

Heating Type: Electric
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 1005mm (H) / 300mm (W)
Colour: Modern grey
Reasons to buy
+Corner design+Powder coated+Passive rust protection 
Reasons to avoid
-Only fixings are included-Slightly higher price point

If space is a little tight, then this electric corner towel heater will be a modern addition to your bathroom, keeping towels and the room warm with a heat output of 547W.

It's made from low carbon steel, has a double layer powder coating and an anti-rust protection, too. And it come with an eight-year manufacturer's guarantee. 

Buy the Terma Outcorner 547w Electric Modern Grey Radiator

This NRG radiator is one of the best bathroom radiators

(Image credit: NRG)

4. NRG Straight Bathroom Heated Towel Rail

Good value, long ladder design

Heating type: Central heating (can be dual fuel)
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 1100mm (H) / 500mm (W)
Colour: Chrome
Reasons to buy
+Good value+Fixing pack included+Different sizes available
Reasons to avoid
-Fixing pack excludes valves

If you're looking to install a good value, straight ladder design then the NRG bathroom heated towel rail ticks the right box. 

Its unfussy design has 23 bars, spaced in a 4-5-14 combination so you can hang towels easily. 

It's made from durable steel with a chrome finish. A fixing pack is included, complete with plugs and vents and it has a working max pressure of 7 bar.

Buy the NRG Straight Bathroom Heated Towel Rail in Chrome.

This Ximax radiator is one of the best bathroom radiators

(Image credit: Ximax)

5. Ximax Parallel-Rail 694W Electric Towel Warmer

Make a real design statement

Heating Type: Electric
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 1762mm (H) / 650mm
Colour: Chrome
Reasons to buy
+Elite design +Generous heat output
Reasons to avoid
-High price point

If you want to add a bathroom radiator and towel rail that packs a punch the Ximax Parallel-Rail will make a real statement in any bathroom.

With seven protruding sections, you'll be able to dry multiple towels at once so it's a great option for larger families. 

The electric statement towel rail has a generous heat output of 694W.

Buy the Ximax Parallel-Rail 694W Electric Towel Warmer

What to Consider When Buying a Bathroom Radiator

Bathroom Specific

It sounds obvious, but make sure the radiator and/or towel rail model is suitable for bathrooms. Many are powder coated and have a waterproof or rust proof top layer to help them withstand moisture in a bathroom.

Electric VS Plumbed-in Vs. Dual Fuel

Electric models are the easiest to install by a qualified electrician. They can be plugged in and work separately to the central heating.

Plumbed-in models connect to your hot water system – your boiler – and are controlled via your central heating system.

Dual fuel models offer the best of both – they can connect to your hot water system and feature an electric element that, using a T-piece fitting, can isolate the radiator or towel rail from the central heating. This means you can connect to your heating system during the winter months and switch to electric during the summer months when you don't need to use it to the heat the room.

Where to Install a Bathroom Radiator

If you're renovating a bathroom then the simplest solution is to put a new radiator or towel rail in the same place as the one you're replacing. This will keep costs down, if you're replacing like for like – a plumbed-in version for example – as the plumbing will already be in place. Just make sure to check measurements between the valves and the profile of the new emitter to ensure it'll fit.

If you're starting from scratch, or moving the position of the emitter then consider the position of plumbing and pipework or electric sockets; windows and doors; sanitaryware and the size and shape of the space to pick a model that works.

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What is a BTU Rating?

British Thermal Units – or BTU – measures the heat output of a radiator. You need to work out the heat requirement of your bathroom to make sure you install a radiator that will keep your space warm. 

There a few things that will affect the BTU value such as the size of the room and the types of windows you have.

There are many online calculators or a qualified plumber will be able to help you work out the BTU value so that you can choose a bathroom radiator that will be efficient enough for the space.

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