What is CLS timber and what DIY projects is it good for?

Man measuring timber stud work inside house
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What is CLS timber? As you might guess from its name it is a type of timber, but the initials identify what type of timber. CLS stands for Canadian Lumber Standard and is commonly a softwood such as pine, fir, or spruce.

The name refers to a standard and process that the timber goes through to get a specific type of  finish. Unsurprisingly, the name comes from the fact that it was originally manufactured in Canada. But, nowadays you will find that most CLS timber sold in the UK will have come from Europe or Scandinavia.

Due to its strength when finished it is a popular choice to build a stud wall, partition walls or timber framed houses. Here we look at the characteristics, uses and cost of CLS timber.    

What is CLS timber and what are its characteristics? 

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