What is C16 timber and where can you use it?

stacks of timber in builder's yard
What is C16 timber and where can you use it in your home? (Image credit: mtreasure/Getty Images)

Knowing what is C16 timber is essential if you're embarking on a self-build project. Even if you're project managing rather than physically building the house yourself, understanding what materials have been specified, and why, is key to helping the process run more smoothly.

And of course, when it comes to timbers that are used for building walls or providing support, it's not just about expanding your knowledge - it's about making sure your house is structurally sound.

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Jay Hubbard

With a background in the automotive advertising and PR industry, Jay Hubbard has been part of his family’s business, English Brothers, for 20 years. A member of the Structural Timber Association, the company has been manufacturing bespoke timber frames since 1924 – exclusively for the self-builder.

Steve Jenkins
Steve Jenkins

Steve was previously the DIY content editor for Homebuilding & Renovating and is  a keen DIYer with over 20 years of experience in transforming and renovating homes. He specialises in painting and decorating, but has a wide range of skills gleaned from working in the building trade for around 10 years. 

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Assistant Editor

Sarah is Homebuilding & Renovating’s Assistant Editor and joined the team in 2024. An established homes and interiors writer, Sarah has renovated and extended a number of properties, including a listing building and renovation project that featured on Grand Designs. Although she said she would never buy a listed property again, she has recently purchased a Grade II listed apartment. As it had already been professionally renovated, she has instead set her sights on tackling some changes to improve the building’s energy efficiency, as well as adding some personal touches to the interior.