What is a thermal bridge and how can it cause significant damage to your home?

A thermal image of a house
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Have you found yourself wondering 'what is a thermal bridge?' It's an important question in the world of energy efficiency and the answer plays a critical role in keeping your home warm and cosy. 

Think of thermal bridging as the uninvited guest that slips through your insulated walls, impacting your building's temperature regulation. The culprits? Areas such as wall corners, windows, doors, and the junctions where your ceilings and floors meet. 

Paul Testa

Architect Paul is the director of HEM Architects and a specialist in low-energy design. HEM Architects are well-versed in designing sustainable, energy-efficient new builds and extension schemes. He has also just completed an eco retrofit to his family home.

He taught the technology course for the MArch in Architecture at Sheffield University, and is a tutor for the Sustainable Architectural Studies Masters course. 

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