Timber build systems — we dispel the most common myths

timber frame self build during construction
Timber build systems - we dispel the myths (Image credit: Jack Beard)

Timber build systems are fast becoming one of the most popular methods of self build according to the National Custom and Self Build Association, who suggest that over 40% of self builders now opt to build using structural timber. 

But, despite their popularity, as a result of dated and untrue beliefs many people still remain wary of timber build systems. 

Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson has worked as a construction professional for almost 30 years and following an extensive career in housebuilding became Managing Director of Potton where he now helps self builders build their own homes.

Whilst Mark describes himself as a ‘professional builder’ as a result of his career in housebuilding and timber systems manufacturing, he has specialist knowledge of timber construction and extensive expertise in finding land and appraising building plots.

He regularly shares his knowledge at Homebuilding & Renovating Shows and in Potton’s Self Build Academy where he leads the finding land and how to build seminar programme.

Aside from Mark’s professional career, his skills also extend to practical building knowledge as a skilled joiner, hands-on renovator and serial self-builder of his own development projects.

He is also Vice Chair of industry body, the Structural Timber Association.