How much to returf a lawn? We look at the costs of laying new turf

large front lawn of cottage
A fresh layer of turf may be what your garden needs (Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Those with poor grass cover might be wondering: how much to returf a lawn? It's a question I found myself wondering too after a scorching hot summer and several hard frosts on a barely recovered rear garden.

It now resembled a battle lost in Middle Earth rather than the usual lush green blades my partner and I had enjoyed several summers ago. Winter die-back and grass thinning can be an ongoing problem for householders, especially those with children, pets, or sloping gardens. There are a number of routes you can take with your lawn ideas to give your grass a fresh burst of life, but is returfing your lawn the answer? And is it expensive?

Portrait shot of David Hedges Gower, a lawn expert
David Hedges Gower

David is one of the UK's leading lawn experts, with over 30 years' experience in the industry. He is Chairman of the Lawn Association, an educational platform for homeowners and professionals, and founded the world's first lawn care qualification.

Sam Webb

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