Mix Fixed With Open

You’ll want control over natural ventilation — particularly in bedrooms and kitchens. Assess how the sightlines of fixed and opening panels match. (Image above: Origin)

Minimal Frames

When it comes to modern window frames, the thinner the better to maximise light and views. Aluminium is the go-to material for strength, stability and minimal sightlines.

Minimal framed windows from IQ glass

Image: IQ Glass


Contemporary homes provide scope for windows in unusual shapes and sizes, so get your designer to plan in a mix. Narrow openings work well, offering light and privacy on some elevations.

Bespoke windows from Velfac

Image: Velfac

Wood Works, Too

Aluminium is the natural choice for many self-builders and renovators of contemporary homes, but don’t ignore wood. It has a much more organic feel and can tone down the occasionally clinical, harsher feel of modern exteriors.

Wooden window frame from Livingwood

Image: Livingwood


Flush windows work best with the minimalist ethos of contemporary homes, but don’t ignore the drama of a box design — not least for an ace window seat.

Box window design from IQ glass

Image: IQ Glass

Think Sash

Traditional windows, particularly those with classical proportions – such as the Georgian sliding sash – can add grace to the modern elevation and mix well with more modern frames.

Sash windows from Lomax & Wood

Image: Lomax & Wood

Go Massive

Away from the regimented rules of period style, going modern allows you to go big. So go as big as you can for lots of light, drama and minimalist beauty. These huge 5.7m-high patio windows are a case in point — and are totally frameless.

Tall glass window from Raynears at Home

Image: Reynaers at Home

The Composite

An aluminium exterior with a timber interior is in many ways the best of both worlds, allowing for thinner profiles with a tactile softness.

Composite window from Velfac

Image: Velfac

Integrated Blinds

Modern windows are a masterclass in minimalism — so don’t spoil the look with traditional curtains. Integrated blinds (here in a triple-glazed window) can bring you privacy and warmth without the fuss.

Triple glazed window with integrated blinds

Image: ecoHaus Internorm

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