My house is a typical link detached 1960’s brick built house with red clay tiles as cladding both front and back between the ground and first floor (between the windows) and then above the first floor windows going up to the roof gable. The total area is approximately 18 square meters. Many houses in the area have replaced the tiles (or in some cases original wooden cladding) with uPVC cladding, but I hate the look of this and was considering trying to have these areas rendered. However, I also want to improve the insulation properties of the house in order to try and cut my bills. (I have already had the cavity walls and loft insulated). Having done a little research I have seen that there are external wall insulation and render systems but I am worried that this is going to be prohibitively expensive as I am on a very tight budget. Can you give me a rough idea as to the costs of this sort of work and whether there are significant differences in the specifications of different systems. Would you recommend this as the best way to deal with this problem?

  • Anonymous

    As you point out, combined EWI and through-coloured render systems are not cheap. Sto are probably the leader in this field and you should expect to pay around £10k.

  • Anonymous

    As Jason says it’s expensive. There are more systems than you can shake a stick at so it’s not easy to make comparisons. Sto are the best but it’s not used as much as others due to cost I find. I can’t comment on the insulation part of it but render alone would cost you £40/m2. It’s not something you can skimp on….its done right or don’t bother. I’ve seen some awful examples. I know people who could advise better depending on your location, whereabouts are you? Either way, hope all goes well.

    Have you thought about insulating inside instead i.e. you can get boards with insulation backing etc to do on the inside instead of the outside. Neither is really cheap due to detail needed.



  • Darren Mackenzie

    The cheaper solution would be to use a thermal plasterboard like 60mm Gyproc Thermaline super. Thermaline comes in lots of different thicknesses depending on what U value you require.
    You have Thermaline basic, plus and super.
    I would recommend you stick and mechanical fix the Thermaline to the inner walls.

    For a rough estimate, 60mm Thermaline super is somewhere around £50 a sheet.
    A sheet of plasterboard is 2.97 sqm
    which gives you:
    £16.8 per square meter
    18 x 16.8 = £303
    2 x bags of dry wall adhesive: £16
    2 x bag of plaster: £15
    Gyproc mechanical fixings box: £12
    remove and fit new skirting: £30
    new ground to window to extend window reveal (assuming there is a window in this wall) £40

    labour for dry lining and skim:

    £8 sqm: £144

    Decoration: £80 including materials

    Total: £640

    This a rough estimate but should give you an idea

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