The home seen in the images below is that of Katharina and Patrick Roberts. We featured their contemporary extension in Devon back in late 2010. At the time their gold coloured copper alloy clad roof, from TECU Gold, was truly a first for Homebuilding & Renovating, and it is only now that this vibrant form of cladding is appearing on other domestic (and commercial) projects around the country on a regular basis. Whilst the gold colour may not be to everyone’s tastes, it is hard to deny that on a sunny day, such in the photos below, the effect can be truly spectacular.


This particular copper and aluminium alloy is also a long-term design solution, in the fact that it doesn’t really weather in the way that normal copper cladding or zinc cladding can. With an increasing desire for new and innovative forms of cladding in the domestic market, whether this be coloured renders or fibre-cement weatherboarding, as well as the trend for using different types of cladding on one home, I think we may soon be seeing more and more homes going for gold.

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