Hysure 700ml Automatic Dehumidifier Review

Can a cheap dehumidifier under £50 really deliver results? I put the Hysure 700ml Automatic Dehumidifier to the test to see how it handles mould on a bedroom wall

A hysure 2L dehumidifier
(Image: © Future)

Homebuilding Verdict

For a compact and lightweight model, the Hysure 700ml Dehumidifier performs fairly well and with minimal noise. However, it's only suitable for small spaces and will not make a significant impact in large rooms.


  • +

    Relatively quiet operation

  • +

    Small and lightweight

  • +



  • -

    Short power cable

  • -

    Takes a while to extract moisture

  • -

    Only suitable for small spaces

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As someone who lives in a listed building, getting rid of mould is often top of mind. As I mentioned in my recent review of the ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier, I've been fighting a constant battle with humidity levels and condensation causing mould on my walls for years, so I finally decided to invest in some decent dehumidifiers to tackle the problem. 

Having successfully got on top of condensation and mould in my home office, I turned to our guest bedroom where I required a much more affordable and compact solution. Thankfully, the Hysure 700ml Automatic Dehumidifier is available to buy on Amazon  for under £50 and it promised to be more energy-efficient, lighter and quieter than its competitors. 

Gabriella Dyson
Assistant Editor

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