ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier Review

The ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier promises to radically reduce condensation and damp in a matter of days. I put it to the test in my damp home office to see how well it delivers

The ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier
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Homebuilding Verdict

The ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier with Special Laundry Mode offers a powerful and user-friendly solution to combat damp and humidity in your home, especially if you live in a listed or poorly ventilated property. This product is easy to setup and its significant water extraction (up to 20L daily) noticeably improves air quality in a matter of days. Despite a somewhat noisy operation, benefits like laundry mode, automated humidity detection, and an economical running cost make its price of £199.99 a worthwhile investment.


  • +

    Can extract 20L water a day

  • +

    Special laundry mode

  • +

    Relatively cheap to run (14p / hour)

  • +

    User-friendly design


  • -

    Can be quite noisy

  • -

    Price point

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As someone who lives in a listed building, the ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier promised a solution to the pervasive nuisance of damp and mould that was plaguing my home.  

For the past few years, I've been fighting a constant battle with humidity levels in my home office, failing to get on top of the problem with cheap dehumidifiers and damp absorbers. So, when I read that the ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier – available to buy on Amazon – can remove up to 20L of moisture per day, I knew I had to give it a whirl. 

Below, I share my thoughts on the performance of this 'premium' dehumidifier and whether I think it's worth the price tag. 

First impressions of the ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier

The ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier is a sleek and surprisingly lightweight unit. I found the unboxing process to be hassle-free, as the box contained just the right amount of packaging, ensuring there was no damage to the product and avoiding excessive waste. 

Getting the dehumidifier setup was straightforward and intuitive. The ProBreeze comes with a clear drainage tube, a user manual, and four wheels that make manoeuvring the product around your home a breeze. I simply had to wheel it into my home office, remove the main power cord from the back and plug it in. 

It was a good first impression. Though this dehumidifier is not small, it's easy to move about and setup, and it isn't too much of an eyesore. 


  • Name: ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier with Special Laundry Mode 
  • Type: Compressor 
  • Filter: Washable nylon filter +carbon filter 
  • Timer: 24 hr Max 
  • Extraction: 20L 
  • Dimensions: 350 x 200 x 608mm (LWH) 
  • Weight: 13g 

What features does the ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier have?

With its promise of premium quality, I was keen to see what features the ProBreeze has. Overall, I'd say that the spec of this product really does hold water (and not just in the literal sense). Amongst its many functions, the ProBreeze has the following features: 

  • 5 operation modes: Including 'strong', 'natural', 'ventilation', 'continuous', and 'laundry'. There's also a child safety lock for safeguarding these settings from little fingers. 
  • Special laundry mode: During cold and wet months this mode is useful for drying your clothes indoors, as it absorbs atmospheric moisture and allegedly extracts up to 600% more water than other leading dehumidifiers (according to the ProBreeze website). 
  • Cost-effective operation: The ProBreeze is an energy-efficient workhorse, extracting up to 20 litres of water daily, costing as little as 14p/hour to run.
  • Automated humidity detection: Intelligent colour-changing LED humidity sensors monitor the rooms moisture levels, auto-regulating the unit for optimal humidity.
  • Large water tank: The ample 5.5L water tank conveniently shuts off when full and the ProBreeze comes with a continuous drainage hose that can be inserted directly into a drain if required.
  • Carbon filter: A detachable, washable carbon filter at the back of the machine ensures the air stays clean and healthy.

How well does it work?

Our old home, with its single-glazed windows and substantial granite walls, has long been a bastion for dampness. Over the years we've haemorrhaged money on cheap dehumidifiers and damp absorbers to no avail. 

Pre-ProBreeze, our home office was practically uninhabitable at times with damp walls collecting mould and condensation. But after one week of introducing the ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier we've experienced a marked improvement. There is visibly less dampness, a palpable freshness to the air, and crucially, dry floors and walls.

We didn't run the dehumidifier continuously but we still managed to empty the 5.5L tank five times and I was shocked to see that our humidity level had consistently been at an 80% rh level for some time (UK homes should be around the 50-55% rh range and be slightly lower in winter months). 

However, it's worth noting that the ProBreeze does generate a bit of noise – bearable during the day, but perhaps too intrusive for night-time operation.

How much does it cost to run?

A closeup of an LED screen on a dehumidifier

The smart humidity sensor features LED indicators that constantly observes the moisture levels within the room (Image credit: Gabriella Dyson/Future)

When my friend first saw the size of the 20L ProBreeze she scoffed that it would cost me a small fortune to run, but the change to my electricity bill has been unnoticeable. Although the website proposes a 14p / hour operation cost, ours is seemingly costing us a mere 8p/ hour.

We typically never run the dehumidifier for longer than 2-3 hours at a time, due to its noisy nature. However only running it for a few hours a day still seems to do the trick and saves us quite a bit of money in the process. 

Should you buy the ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier?

As a long time damp sufferer, I absolutely recommend The ProBreeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier. Not only has it protected our belongings from the pervasive menace of mould but it has helped us to reduce humidity levels, and allowed us to use our home office again without worrying about our belongings being ruined by damp. 

At £199.99, it doesn’t position itself as the budget option and this may be a barrier to some homeowners. However, I view this dehumidifier as a valuable investment in regards to the long-term savings we'll make a a household fighting damp. 

A palpably fresher home and peace of mind makes this a 4.5 / 5 stars for me! 

Gabriella Dyson
Assistant Editor

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