The October issue of the magazine has just gone to press and I thought I’d post a few thoughts on it as we’ve made a few changes and had what magazine people like to call a ‘relaunch’. I’m much more in favour of gradual change and improvement so regular readers will still feel very much at home and hopefully excited by the things we’ve added.

For a start, more pages. We’ve added about 10% extra to the editorial content, which means more features, more advice, more great homes and more value for money.

We’ve resurrecting our Build Cost Guide, updated monthly in conjuction with the Build Cost Information Service (part of RICS) and the UK’s number one build cost estimating tool.

We’ve added in more ‘Expert’ pages as part of a dedicated Expert Advice section that utilises the skills of our experienced team of self-builders and renovators to give you great, independent advice on your project. There’s an in-depth look at how underfloor heating works, amongst much else.

We’ve changed the back page, too, highlighting interesting bits of trivia and ephemera from the building world. First off is a look at the man many people regard as the father of DIY, Barry Bucknell.

Best of all, we’ve resurrected the popular Plotfinder Challenge series, which I know many of you missed. It starts, better than ever, with a look at plots in Wiltshire.

I hope you enjoy it and, as ever, I’m sure you’ll let me know if you have any comments. It’s on sale August 26th; subscribe here.

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