Today a visit to the offices and factory of Low Carbon Construction in Hampshire and one of the more remarkable sites I’ve seen – a dozen different SIPs modules all laid out in their factory. We had a good walk around the client’s house-to-be, inspecting rooms, wondering where he’d put the telly, being impressed at the size of his home gym.

Volumetric housing has never really taken off in this country and, according to the people behind this innovative solution, it hasn’t been done on this scale anywhere – even in Europe. Indeed they said they had taken calls from Norway asking them to showcase how they do it – which must be a first for UK housing. The process is completely bespoke, meaning they can translate any architectural drawing, and, within a few weeks in their Hampshire factory, bring in the Kingspan TEK SIPs panels and create the individual modules. The difference here is that, because LCC provide not just a SIPs wall and roof package but also SIPs floors, the whole ‘box’ can be delivered to site completely ready to go. There are two options – shell and completely fitted, including bathrooms and even decorated. Literally, your home will be delivered in a couple of dozen different modules, like a Dolls House but on a life-size scale. The homes are compliant with Code 4 of the CSH to standard and can easily be upgraded with extra kit should be need arise.

It’s all hugely impressive and innovative and the company tell me that prices are comparable with other SIPs suppliers. Low Carbon Construction also do big hotels, commercial buildings and plenty more, but are really keen to do more bespoke homes and, as a process, it’s a huge leap forward over the ‘factory-finished’ solutions I’ve seen so far. I’ll post images from the factory and more in coming days.

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  • Murdo Guy

    Nice read. I’ve always been fascinated with this new type of construction though I admit this would make an impact on my Skip hire ( business. Nonetheless, I guess we’ll find a way as long as it’s for a more productive future.

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