Possibly the biggest win for the self and custom build industry yet, the passing of the Act on 4 February is a big move forward, and will see local authorities prioritise serviced plots of land for those looking to build their own home.

Speaking with Michael Holmes, Chair of NaCSBA, South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon – who steered the Act through the House of Commons as a Private Members’ Bill – said: “I am very pleased that the Self Build and Custom Housebuilding Act is now to take legal effect — this is great news for self build and custom housebuilders. From 1 April all councils in England will have a duty to keep a register of individuals and groups who wish to bring forward self build projects.

“When combined with the provisions in the new housing and planning bill, which will require local councils to make serviced plots available commensurate with the number of people on their registers, this means that the legislative building blocks are now in place for a bottom up revolution in how housing is done in the UK.

“Self build offers great opportunities for communities to come together to bring forward housing for local people which meets with a warm welcome rather than the mass imposition of new houses which so often provokes protest,” Richard continues. “It is also possible through providing large numbers of serviced plots for custom build and self build to be done at considerable scale – a fact so often forgotten – which has been proven to work in Germany and in the Netherlands, and is now starting in the UK.

He concluded by saying, “I congratulate the Government for taking this step and I am expecting to see more help for self and custom builders emerge from the Housing and Planning Bill in due course.”

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