Just an update post really and a chance to show off some photos!

Rebecca Clutton's building plot

Although the frame erection was supposed to start last week, a problem with the contractors appointed by the frame company meant that we are now a week behind and due to start tomorrow. A few huge deliveries arrived at the tail end of last week and now we have half a house on site!

The scaffolding is fully up and the views are amazing. We’ve always known that the outlook from the rear of the house is going to be spectacular but getting some height to it has shown us how fantastic it is going to be.


Unfortunately illness has hit us quite severely over the last few weeks. I ended up in hospital for a few nights and am still recovering. This has inevitably put a bit of a dampener on the whole process but I am determined to enjoy the next few long awaited weeks. The stress of the build has been immense – from the 2½ years of battling for planning permission and now the continuous money juggling and endless choices that have to be made. This, partnered with a stressful job, a school move for our daughter and general day to day life, has resulted in us hitting a bit of a wall. Never underestimate how hard this self build lark is, especially when events happen that are completely out of your control.

Building materials on site

But, onwards and upwards – literally! This time in 3 weeks we hope to have an actual house.

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hope you get well soon Rebecca. Having the visible starts of your home though should be a nice little boost!

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