The cost details provided in HB&R are excellent. However one item that is troubling is the difference between the guideline costs provided by the RICS compared with that given by architects.

In Oxfordshire the RCIS numbers suggest a build cost of around £1000per sqm. However, mention that to architects and they look aghast – two have said that £1900 per sqm is a much more realistic guide and a third suggests that by doing a great deal of self management and DIY, it might – just – be possible to reach £1500 per sqm. Even a chartered accountant agrees with these numbers (absolute minimum cost of £1500 using key labour and materials sourced at lowest prices, and a lot of self management and DIY)

How is this vast difference between the RCIS and local professionals explained?

  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden

    I am at present managing the build of two decent sized houses (4000sq ft & 2000sq ft) i Beaconsfield and we will get the build ,not including incoming services for £100/sq ft.
    This is using subcontractors and mysel (Project Manager) on behalf of the client.

  • Anonymous

    I would have to say that Architects have undoubted experience of previous projects and plenty to offer but I’m sure they would also be the first to acknowledge that detailed knowledge of build costs. BCIS/RICS-originated cost data (which feeds HB&R’s cost guides) is the authoritative source of UK build cost information. The fact is that a QS is your best bet for detailed information on build costs specific to your project – no ‘guide’ data including ours can account for every part of the specification.

    My conclusion would be that, once you have produced a detailed specification, at that stage you should be able to get a detailed cost analysis – allowing you to trim and substitute and vary the design to fit.

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