I am finishing the plans for my extension and would like to use trench fill footings as the existing strip footings are about 1.5m below GL, (building on clay). However I want to put a soil pipe in the bathroom against the external wall how do I solve the problem of the trench fill being 150mm into the internal area, or will I have to use strip footings and blockwork? Is there a simple solution?

  • nigel La'Borde

    Very Simple, use a small piece of ply and couple bits 2×4 and create a rebate, the loading on the trench fill will be so insignificant for that small area effectively missing it would take Einstein to calculate the risk of collapse. Surely your builder would keep you informed.
    The soil pipe needs to exit at some point so put in a larger pipe to allow the 115mm to exit/enter. and foam fill/pea gravel after.

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