I am renovating a house and propose to heat 260m2 room floor area with low temperature hot water (mainly downstairs) and 160m2 with conventional radiators (mainly upstairs). Much of the underfloor heating area will be covered by timber floors so I need to keep the temperature relatively low. However, I would like some radiators that operate with a higher water temperature. Do I need a special boiler or can I regulate both systems off the one conventional boiler?

  • Tony Taylor


    Running a gas or oil fired boiler will provide the higher flow temperatures for the radiators. Most UFH manifold systems include a blending valve which will ensure water at 45 degrees C is circulated around the pipe-loops, so there should be no issues.

    When you get a quote from a UFH installer, make sure they know the floor coverings being applied, as they may have to have pipe-loops closer together in the wood floored areas to provide sufficient heat to the space.


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