Hi, I have been wanting to build my own house for a few years now, I have been thinking that I am going to give myself 5 years until I go for it so I have started to look into things and wondered what course I could take as I would like to contribute to building my own house 🙂

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hi Gemma,

    Happy to hear you plan to play such an active role in your building project.

    With course, it partly depends what kind of build method you are going for.

    If you are following conventional masonry routes, you may find a brick-laying course or even night class at a nearby college.

    However, if you are into sustainability then the Centre for Alternative Technology in Powys does a range of sustainable building courses, including a 5-day long timber frame course. Having not done one myself, I can’t vouch for it – but architects who worked with the late great Walter Segal have been involved with it.

    If I was you, I would get testimonials from anyone who has done any of the courses you find first, and make sure they will cover the kind of things you are after.

    I hope this is of use,

  • Gemma McMeekin

    Hi Lindsay, I think I am going with the masonry so I have already been looking into brick laying.
    Thanks for your information it has been helpful.

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