Being the Editor of this website puts me in a somewhat strange position.

For you see, whilst I have never laid a tile, I could tell you step-by-step how to lay wall tiles, floor tiles, and even put underfloor heating beneath them. Whilst I have never so much as studied a real life building plan, I could tell you the problems and pitfalls of planning permission, how to make an application, and a myriad of building work you can do without it. Finally, if it wasn’t already apparent, I could tell you the pros and cons of SIPs, timber frame, ICF and brick and block yet, alas, I have never built my own home (or owned one for that matter).

What I do know, however, is the huge wealth of information I have gleaned from this website, as well as others, in my pursuit of making sure has all the information necessary for those of you who are building your own home.

I have read, re-read and in some cases re-written every single article on this site, and it is because of this that I am now starting a blog with two simple aims. Firstly, to not only keep you all up to date with the site’s developments (of which there are many that’ll soon be coming your way), but also to try and actively engage with homebuilding’s visitors, to find out what you think is good about the site, what can be improved and what, in the future, would you like to see more of.

Along the way I hope to bring you information that isn’t necessarily Homebuilding & Renovating’s primary focus, including property news, housing policy and government policy related to green issues. In the end though, it all comes back to building – you may be building your own home, whilst I am building this website, so let me know what type of site you want me to build.

  • Monique Pike

    Hi Sam, Welcome to the club! I think it’s a good idea and I hope you’ll get a lot of feedback.


  • Samuel Joy

    Thanks Monique, I hope so too.


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