5 Things to Know About Living in a Passivhaus (From Someone Who Built One)

a passivhaus home built by ben adam-smith
(Image credit: Darren Chung)

Living in a Passivhaus isn't quite the same as living in an ordinary home. It comes with certain modifications to how you live that need to be adopted into your everyday behaviour in order for your build to function optimally. Some describe it as the idea that you need to learn to 'drive' a Passivhaus. 

This is something that Ben Adam-Smith, founder of House Planning Help, a resource site and podcast helping those seeking to build their own homes, has discovered first hand after building his own Passivhaus with his wife Kay several years ago. 

Ben Adam-Smith

Ben Adam-Smith is a film-maker, communicator and eco-building enthusiast. After 15 years working in TV and radio, Ben changed channels to set up Regen Media — a business that uses cutting-edge new media tools to help green-minded construction firms build better communications. Ben also runs the website and podcast, House Planning Help, which is dedicated to inspiring self builders to build energy-efficient homes. He has recently completed his own Passivhaus self build.