Roofers: How to Find the Right One for Your Project

roofers installing new roof
(Image credit: getty images)

Roofers are responsible for a particularly satisfying part of a build project. Although every stage of the building of your new home is exciting, getting the roof on and covered is really rewarding. Until the roof is tiled, all you have is an enclosure. Once the roof is covered, you have a home. 

Roof Coverings

The roof covering – whether it’s tile, slate or some other material – defines your building in so many ways; in most cases following a regional pattern but, in others, establishing its individuality. And it’s a key stage in your build too: so many trades can get in and get going once the building is ‘in the dry’.

David Snell

David is one of the UK's leading self build and plotfinding experts, and a serial self builder who has been building homes for 50 years. The author of Building Your Own Home, David spent decades as a speaker and expert at self build exhibitions such as the Homebuilding & Renovating Show. He has recently finished his fourteenth self build project.