How much does repointing cost? What you can expect to pay

brickwork showing joints
A repointing cost will be different for brick and stone (Image credit: Jeremy Philips)

If you're renovating a house, getting a repointing cost for your brick or stonework may well be included on your list of jobs - particularly if it's a large job that needs tackling by the professionals.

Although pointing isn't what holds the bricks or stones fully in place and instead refers to the mortar that sits in between the joints of your bricks or stonework, it's essential for filling the open joint created during the process of laying.

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Pre-mix mortarPriceRow 0 - Cell 2
Lime mortarFrom £11.80 for a 20kg tubRow 1 - Cell 2
Concrete mortarFrom £12 for a 20kg bagRow 2 - Cell 2
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Phil Brown

Phil Brown is the founder and Managing Director of Cornish Lime, with over 40 years of experience within the construction industry and the manufacture and use of lime-based materials.

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Thomas Goodman

Thomas Goodman has worked as a property and construction expert for MyJobQuote for six years and has worked in the construction industry for over twenty years. Thomas continues to work on building projects, while also providing expert construction and property advice to industry professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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Repointing brickwork£55 per m2
Repointing stonework£80 per m2
Repointing a chimney£750
Sarah Harley
Assistant Editor

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