How much does a lean-to conservatory cost?

contemporary lean-to conservatory
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While lean-to conservatory costs lie at the lower end of average prices associated with adding a conservatory, there is still huge variation in the quotes householders receive.

There are many factors that affect what a conservatory costs, from the materials used to the type of glazing specified. 

Lean-to conservatories are not only amongst the most affordable type of glazed addition, but they are also the simplest and quickest to construct — plus they come in all kinds of designs and styles to suit all types of homes. 

Here, we take a look at how much lean-to conservatories cost so that you can get a good understanding of what to expect if this is a route you decide to take. 

How do lean-to conservatory costs compare to other styles?

Lean-to conservatories are generally the cheapest way for people to achieve a new glazed addition, sitting right at the lower end of the price scale. 

"Lean-to conservatories are a popular choice, usually because they're the simplest style and the cheapest option," explains Sean Bunyan at Eurocell.

The most expensive option will be bespoke, hardwood or oak frame conservatories, coming in at anywhere between £30,000 to £40,000. 

uPVC is the cheapest material for conservatories, while timber and aluminium are more expensive. It is also possible to take a turnkey approach to achieving your new conservatory, whereby your supplier will arrange the design, planning permission if required, project management, digging the foundations and the build itself — this will obviously push prices up considerably. 

small lean-to conservatory

Even a small lean-to conservatory, such as this bespoke aluminium design by Thames Valley Window Company, can make all the difference to the way a space can be used, as well as providing a fantastic connection to the garden.  (Image credit: Thames Valley Window Company)

What is a lean-to conservatory?

Affordable and simple to construct, lean-to conservatories are popular with those after great conservatory ideas for good reason. 

Lean-to conservatories feature a simple, slanted roof, flat in profile as opposed to a hip roof. The roof of the conservatory comes off the wall of the house at a slight angle. 

"The design and structure consists of three walls built against an existing wall of your home and a roof that slants down over the conservatory,” explains Sean Bunyan.

"For properties where space is limited, or where there is not much space under the eaves, like a bungalow, then a lean-to conservatory is a practical and stylish way to extend a property," says Ryan Schofield, managing director at Thames Valley Window Company. "Their versatile design is ideal for matching the style and dimensions of any home.”

Lean-to conservatories generally come in two styles — one which features a brick dwarf wall at the base, and the other which is fully glazed, right down to the ground. Those with dwarf walls tend to cost more. 

More modern, contemporary styles of lean-to conservatory can feature reversed roofs, whereby the sloping roof slants towards the house as opposed to away. This can look great and allows you to install 'hopper' windows at the top of the wall facing the garden for ventilation. 

dwarf wall lean-to conservatory

Lean-to conservatories can be fully glazed or, as in the case of this uPVC design from Eurocell, feature a dwarf wall at the base.  (Image credit: Eurocell)

How much do lean-to conservatories cost?

There are many variables that will affect how much you end up paying for a lean-to conservatory. Most of these come down to the approach you take to designing a conservatory, such as the material and glazing type you opt for and the size you require. Your ground conditions could also have an effect. 

“Cost will vary depending on the size of your build and how much material is used for your bespoke conservatory," explains Sean Bunyan. "Average costings can range anywhere between £8,000 and £20,000” 

"All of Thames Valley Window Company conservatories are bespoke, but an approximate starting price per square metre would be £2,400," says Ryan Schofield. "The price all depends on size, material, glazing and shading options."

What are the pros and cons of lean-to conservatories?

Lean-to conservatories have a lot going for them. They suit all styles of properties and are one of the best conservatories for bungalows where there is often limited space under the eaves. 

So, what other benefits does this conservatory style hold?


  • Suit both contemporary and traditional homes
  • Cost effective
  • Available in all kinds of sizes and with many frame options
  • Simple design makes them low maintenance and easy to repair
  • Suitable for awkward spaces
  • Great option for bungalows and terraces with little space under the eaves
  • Large expanses of glazing maximise light
  • Add value to your home

When weighing up which type of conservatory will best suit you, it is important to be aware of the disadvantages of the various styles too.


  • Can be hard to find lights and fans to suit the sloping ceiling
  • Can be damaged in heavy winds
  • Size can be limited due to nature of roof structure

interior of aluminium lean-to conservatory

This super stylish aluminium conservatory from Thames Valley Window Company has opened up the kitchen diner to the outside spaces.  (Image credit: Thames Valley Window Company)
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