Can you use fence paint for decking? The experts weigh in on whether it's a good idea

A garden scene with wooden fence and decking and large garden bed with a lovely outdoor dining table
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If you're like me, when it comes to a spot of DIY or spruce-ups, I always prefer to use the fewest possible tools or products. Maybe it's the millennial in me, but if there's a tool or product that does everything, then that's always my go-to.

My desire for a magical one-size-fits-all approach has often steered me wrong. I even managed to convince myself that using gloss paint for wood was really just a clever marketing ploy. I definitely learnt my lesson when I was sanding peeling paint off a brand new set of built-in cupboard units.

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Jimmy Englezos

Jimmy is the Senior Brand Manager at Ronseal, the UK's number one woodcare brand. Jimmy regularly provides insights and guidance on how to properly prepare wood for treatment, as well as handy tips and hints for decorating and general woodcare projects.

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