Update from 4th March

Some days leave you wondering what everyone has been doing all day; fortunately others seem so much more productive. Today was such a day.

Carpet fitters from Kidderminster Carpet arrived just after 8 am and after battling to get the large 5m roll into the studio above the garage worked like beavers completing a superb job of all four rooms and the landing by early afternoon. Thoroughly recommended both for the value of the carpet and extremely pleasant and competent fitters.

The main oak staircase – a superb piece of work from Bernard Prickett Joinery near Stratford – is almost installed and the end of the main drainage is in sight. The septic tank should be in tomorrow.

The clouds cleared early today and spring sunshine brought the temperature on the roof into the mid 60s and raised the water in the 800L tank to 50 degrees C. The energy management system courtesy of Exergy Devices is now virtually complete and showed PV on the barn generating more than 7kW at midday and the temperature in the foundation slab at 16 degrees.

All very encouraging – and needs to be after 26 months including two winters in the old mobile home!

Hope to upload some new images by the week-end.

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