A luxurious classical-style self-build in Cheshire.

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  • Jasmin Brugger

    i am currently planning in moving to Englang. I am interessted in the above house. Could you sent me per mail a detailed description of the house?
    Thanks in advance,
    Jasmin Brugger, Germany

  • Samuel Joy

    Hi Jasmin,

    I’m afraid that the houses on this website are not actually for sale and are instead intended to inspire people for their own projects.

    Sorry we couldn’t help and good luck with your move.

    Kind regards,
    Sam Joy (Online Editor)

  • G Mac

    This is stunning. Please tell me the total area to enable me to work out costs, using your building price guide ….my dreams need detail.

  • Nerdy Gomez

    How much did it take to build this beauty?

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hi G Mac and Nerdy Gomez,

    In answer to both of your questions the size is 1,300m² and the build cost was £2,152/m².

    That means you are looking at around £3M to replicate.

    To soften the blow, it was valued at over three times the cost of the build back in 2011.


  • zaibafridi1

    i like very much your site

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