Since its launch, Homebuilding & Renovating has featured hundreds of incredible self builds. The very nature of self build is that it enables the homeowner to create the house they want, with a design and layout to suit their lifestyle, and this can lead to some very interesting and varied designs.

Below we highlight the unforgettable self builds that rip up the rule book when it comes to design.

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1. A Cantilevered Accessible Home

cantilevered home accessible

This energy efficient home designed to be ready for future life has a striking cantilevered design.

  • Location: Dorset
  • Build cost: £750,000

2. A Riverside Home

exterior of contemporary self build

Set between chalky cliffs and the River Ouse, this beautiful self build is bold in design was built using SIPs and clad in Cor-ten panels of a unique finish.

  • Location: East Sussex
  • Build cost: £850,000

3. An Extension in Gold

Unusual extension with a gold asymmetrical roof

Architect Stan Bolt has clad the asymmetrical roof of this inventive extension in gold-coloured copper alloy.

  • Location: Devon
  • Build Cost: £975,000

4. A Fantasy Self Build

Fantastical home with a metal dragon

Designed and built by the owner, this fantastical home is constructed from oak, with a metal dragon adorning the chimney.

  • Location: Suffolk
  • Build cost: £250,000

5. A Treehouse Home

treehouse in woods passivhaus exterior

Taking advantage of a woodland site that would otherwise have been ignored, the homeowners built a wonderful Passivhaus thats stays true to its surroundings.

  • Location: Gloucestershire
  • Build cost: £308,000

6. A Medieval Manor

Braylsham Castle - a self built medieval manor

Although appearing centuries old, Braylsham Castle is a self build project, with the homeowners completing most of the work themselves.

  • Location: East Sussex
  • Build cost: £350,000

7. A Striking Home with a Curved Roof

A sustainable home built using local materials

Crafted from Cotswold stone, clay tiles and untreated cedar, this sustainable home was designed by architect Adrian James.

  • Location: Oxfordshire
  • Build cost: £500,000

8. A Courtyard Home

exterior and pool of contemporary self build

Hidden from the busy street in Shepherds Bush, this contemporary home designed by architect Henning Strummel and his wife, Alice, is inspired by London Zoo’s elephant house and repeating patterns found in nature.

  • Location: London
  • Build cost: £750,000

9. Castle-Style Boathouse

A coastal home built into the cliff face

Taking over a decade to construct, this castle-cum-boathouse sits on a suitably special plot overlooking the River Dart.

  • Location: Devon
  • Build cost: £2.4m

10. A Home with Mixed Materials

An imaginitive self build with curved central atrium

With the brief to ‘be bold’, Birds Portchmouth Russum architects have designed this three-part house, mixing cladding, render and curves.

  • Location: Hampshire
  • Build cost: £2.5m

11. A Mirrored Self Build

Self build house with mirrored exterior

Designed by Paul Archer, this inventive mirrored build maximises an awkward sloped site while offering flowing inside-outside living.

  • Location: Gloucestershire
  • Build cost: £500,000

12. A Group Self Build

goup self build unique contemporary exterior

Architect Peter Barber was challenged with the task of knocking down and rebuilding not one but six neighbouring homes in London and created light-filled, spacious family homes.

  • Location: London
  • Build cost: £5.65m

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