Over the years Homebuilding & Renovating magazine has featured hundreds of self builds. The very nature of self build is that it enables the homeowner to create the house they want, with a design and layout to suit their lifestyle, and this can lead to some very interesting and varied designs.

1. A Fantasy Self Build

Designed and built by the owner, this fantastical home is constructed from oak, with a metal dragon adorning the chimney.

Fantastical home with a metal dragon

2. Fairytale Castle Home

This Scottish Baronial-style country home in the Highlands has been designed complete with turrets and gables.

A baronial-style country home in the Highlands

3. An Extension in Gold

Architect Stan Bolt has clad the asymmetrical roof of this inventive extension in gold-coloured copper alloy.

Unusual extension with a gold asymmetrical roof

4. Modern Extension to a Water Tower

A 130-year-old water tower has been transformed into family home with a striking minimalist extension, by Ellis Williams Architects.

A converted water tower

5. A Treehouse Home

Hidden away on an idyllic orchard plot, this timber-frame treehouse has been constructed around a full-sized oak tree.

A timber frame treehouse

6. A Medieval Manor

Although appearing centuries old, Braylsham Castle is a self build project, with the homeowners completing most of the work themselves.

Braylsham Castle - a self built medieval manor

7. A Striking Home with a Curved Roof

Crafted from Cotswold stone, clay tiles and untreated cedar, this sustainable home was designed by architect Adrian James.

A sustainable home built using local materials

8. Contemporary Home on a Cliff

This property, designed by Stan Bolt, is situated on a cliffside plot, with large sections of glazing maximising views.

Contemporary cliffside home designed by Stan Bolt

9. Castle-Style Boathouse

Taking over a decade to construct, this castle-cum-boathouse sits on a suitably special plot overlooking the River Dart.

A coastal home built into the cliff face

10. A Home with Mixed Materials

With the brief to ‘be bold’, Birds Portchmouth Russum architects have designed this three-part house, mixing cladding, render and curves.

An imaginitive self build with curved central atrium

11. A Mirrored Self Build

Designed by Paul Archer, this inventive mirrored build maximises an awkward sloped site while offering flowing inside-outside living.

Self build house with mirrored exterior

12. A Family Home on a Small

Architect Matt White utilised a small plot of land in London to create an adventurous and fun family home; both inside and out.

A cutting-edge family home built on an urban plot in London

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