The entrance to a house can say a lot about what lies within, and will be a visitor’s first impression of your home. Whether you want to inject a sense of fun into the design, create a sense of privacy or do something bold, these projects showcase the many ways of creating an unusual entrance to your home.

1. A Gangway Entrance

The unusual entrance for this home is accessed via a gangway leading to the front door with a courtyard below

This striking home is entered from the first floor thanks to a gangway which takes the homeowner over the courtyard space below — a great solution for tackling the heavily sloping nature of the site, and also providing outdoor amenity space at ground level.

2. A Barrel-Shaped Unusual Entrance

This Hampshire home has an unusual entrance within the barrel shaped section of the home

With the design of this Hampshire home taking on many forms – from barrels and towers to square boxes – the entrance has been situated within the imaginative full-height glass barrel centre, and leads straight into the open plan dining hall.

3. A Hidden Opening

The entrance to this home is hidden within the timber cladding

Barely visible, and thanks to the lack of handle or other door furniture, the front and neighbouring garage door of this contemporary home have been purposefully and effectively camouflaged within a wall of unusual oak-strip cladding — enough to surprise first-time visitors.

4. A Curved Entrance

The front door to this home is positioned within a curved drystone-effect wall

Creating both symmetry and wow factor, this oak frame self build hides quietly behind an impressive drystone-effect Cotswold stone wall, mirrored by the lake in front. The double entrance doors with side lights either side have been positioned in the centre above a canopy.

5. A Playful Entrance

This London home boasts a playful unusual entrance with the door hidden within the facade

With the homeowners of this London self build keen to introduce a sense of fun, even the entrance is enough to confuse the postman. Unusual features include double front doors – one is for storage, the other provides access into the home – with the house number carved into the façade itself. When you ring the door bell, LEDs implanted in the rendering spell out ‘HELLO’.

6. A Light-Filled Entry

A glass box tops this self build on the coast and provides the entrance leading down into the home

A full-height glass box tops the roof of this self build on the coast, and provides an unusual entrance leading down into the home via a spiral staircase. This inventive project was designed by AR Design Studio.

7. A Manor Accessed via a Drawbridge

This self build is accessed via a drawbridge

This self build has been designed to replicate a Medieval manor and comes complete with a whole host of authentic features — including a moat, with the front door accessed via a drawbridge.

8. A Discreet Entrance

This discreet entrance is hidden in the corner behind planting

The front door of this minimalist coastal property is quietly hidden in the corner off of the car parking space — planting also helps to disguise this entrance. A lack of window openings on this façade also maintains privacy.

9. A Timber Bridge

This unusual entrance features a walkway bridge leading to the front door

The front door to this contemporary home on the coast is accessed via a timber walkway which bridges across the sloping site — creating the feeling of boarding a ship. Through-views out to the sea from the front door further emphasise this feeling.

10. A Subtle Entry

This home is accessed through a pivot door leading into the home

This low-maintenance self build features an unusual entrance accessed via a covered staircase up from the cantilevered carport, before approaching the bridge slab which takes you towards the pivot door hidden within the timber clad sections of the façade.

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