For anyone wondering why the blog wasn’t updated for a very long time, I think it was a partial case of being very busy and a partial case of denial that things were taking so long.  Also I was hoping for that post from Luigi. I promise you he really exists.


Latest update on the house is that we’re still in throes of renovation. A lot has been done since the photos shown in this show (from July) and the exciting news is that the air-tightness test was passed with a smashing score of 0.9. In answer to queries from friends on if we have moved in however, I simply show them the photo taken from the front door last Sunday. Its posted on our twitter feed if you are curious – personally I think the concrete mixer in the living room really makes the rubble bags and wheelbarrows look homely but doubtful we’ll be moving this weekend or next.


To continue the photo-progression from the last posting, these were from early July and you can see the house was at the bare-bones stage but slowly starting to turn the corner. The extension was still in full build mode – the outer wall steelwork and foundations were being installed, and the blockwork was being started. The rest of the house was being prepped for the insulation stage – delivery of the insulation (Xtratherm, Safe-R phenolic type) came in multiple lots.  The sheets ranged from 25mm to 150mm wide (nearly a handwidth), so it was at this stage that we got a good idea of how thick the walls would be – and how much space would be lost. As it happened, room sizes shrunk but not that we notice now at all.


The biggest challenge at this point was working out how to avoid thermal bridging so a lot of visits/discussions with our Green Tomato consultant (and throughout the next few months) meant avoiding these as the building team added layers.


Looking at the photos now its great to see how far the project has moved along – and how much work has been completed – but have to admit it’s getting to the hard-slog stage.  That said, not much longer to go. Luigi has even painted a wall.  A small milestone – but one of many – and all a reason for celebration!

  • Lindsey Davis

    Great news with the airtightness test Jane!

  • Jane Caccavale

    Thanks Lindsey! It initially teetered on the 1.0-1.1 mark and then some quick manoeuvrings with sealant tape got it down to a 0.9 where it will stay (I so hope!)

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