Stylish, atmospheric and efficient to run, woodburning stoves are a popular heat source for modern living spaces. When it comes to choosing a woodburning stove, your decision will also be based on how the stove looks. So, we have put together a list of the latest stoves on offer.

Features to look out for:

  • Cleanburn: Stoves with this labelling function in a way that burns the gases given off in the first burn, stopping them from escaping the flue or sooting up the glass screen
  • Airwash: Air is blown over the glass screen to prevent combustion gases from creating soot here
  • Opti-burn: Stovax offers this function which balances the heat output and the airwash function for a more efficient burn
  • Autopilot: Some stoves will self-regulate the air intake for maximum efficiency meaning you can sit back and relax rather than manually adjusting it
  • Ecodesign Ready label: This shows that the stove meets new efficiency and emissions limits for woodburning stoves that are due to come into force in 2022
AGA Stove Lawley

AGA’s Lawley has an efficiency of 80.2% and is approved by DEFRA for burning wood in
smoke control areas (i.e. is DEFRA exempt). The Lawley costs £1,675

Aspect 8 Sliimline Woodburning Stove from Hunter

The Aspect 8 Slimline, from Hunter Stoves, maximises the view of your fire, is DEFRA exempt, and uses advanced Tripleburn technology to burn both wood and multi-fuel. It costs from £1,099

Charnwood Sky Landscape woodburning stove

Skye is Charnwood’s newest 5kW multi-fuel stove. It’s DEFRA exempt and achieves
86% efficiency when burning wood. It costs from £1,698

Arada Eco Plus 5 woodburning stove

This 4.9kW multi-fuel stove, the Ecoburn Plus 5 from Arada Stoves, is available with optional log store. It’s DEFRA exempt and comes with a lifetime guarantee. From £909

NEO 3W multifuel stove

The NEO from ACR Stoves has a 5kW nominal output and is DEFRA exempt,
but has an optional multi-fuel grate for smokeless fuels. It costs £1,545

Pular Compact woodburning stove

The Pular Compact, available from Percy Doughty, has a heat output of
up to 5kW and efficiency of up to 8 1.5%. This stove costs £2,400

Contura 300 woodburning stove

Contura’s 300 series comes with wide-screen windows to display the fire
in all its glory.
It’s priced from £1,595

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How to Improve the Performance of Any Wood Stove

Wood stoves have improved by leaps and bounds over the past twenty years. In 2018 log burners are technologically advanced and meticulously engineered heating appliances.

The Aspect wood burner range from Hunter Stoves

The British company Hunter Stoves has been at the forefront of these improvements, and their Aspect stove range is a prime example of performance meeting modern stove design, but according to Hunter’s Lead Engineer, Michael Stoneman, there is one piece of advice that can improve the performance of any stove on the market.

“You should only ever burn dry wood. This can never be overstated. Never burn wood with more than a 20% moisture content. You would never pour water on a fire you want to burn hot, and essentially that is what one does when burning wet wood.” According to Michael, using dry wood will not only improve the way your appliance works, but it will help protect the environment.


The Westfire Uniq 37 from Eurostove has a heat output of 7.2kW.
The Ecodesign Ready stove costs from £1,437

Stovax's Vogue woodburning stove with original plinth

The new Small Vogue woodburner from Stovax is approved for use in DEFRA
Smoke Control Areas. It costs from £1,145

An S-shaped woodburning stove from Scan

Jøtul’s Scan 66-5 has a sweeping S-shaped base with integrated storage for logs, is available in black or white gloss and is DEFRA approved. Priced from £2,195

Morso's 6843 woodburning stove

The 6843 Morsø Foundry stove has an automatic self-closing door, a log storage base,
and meets high environmental requirements. Priced at £1,600


The Langbrook 5kW Solid Fuel Stove from Dimplex has a
tested heat output of 5kW and costs £729

Pyroclassic's IV woodburning stove

Pyroclassic’s IV can be fitted with a water heating element, providing up to 3.7kW of hot water for all your domestic needs, and has a 10mm thick steel top plate which provides an excellent surface for boiling the kettle, slow cooking or even baking bread. POA

Dunsley’s Highlander 5 Enviroburn SOLO slimline woodburning stove

Dunsley’s Highlander 5 Enviroburn SOLO slimline woodburning stove, complete with
pedestal design in a metallic blue finish, costs from £1,075.20

The Greenstyle Bewdley Stove from Worcester Bosch Group

The Greenstyle Bewdley Stove from Worcester, Bosch Group is available in 3kW, 5kW and 8kW models and is DEFRA approved. Prices start at £999.60

The Sigma 490 woodburning stove from Capital Fireplaces

The traditional-style Sigma 490 from Capital Fireplaces is perfect for
smaller spaces. Prices start at £799

Purevision PV5W Stove from Charlton and Jenrick

The Purevision PV5W Stove on Small Stand from Charlton & Jenrick. RRP £1,439

The York Midi by Clearview Stoves

The York Midi 5kW from Ludlow Stoves offers flexible air control and costs
approximately £742 (

Woodburning Stove from the Victorian Emporium

The French Monopole Woodburning Stove from The Victorian Emporium costs £1,140

Uniq 13 by Varde Stoves

The Varde Uniq 13 from Varde Stoves — see your fire from every angle. It’s priced at £1,289

Nordpeis Bergen

The Bergen woodburning stove from Nordpeis costs £1,029

Lotus Living in Ice Metallic

The Living Series from Lotus — modules that make a statement. From £2,885

LF 10 black from LogFire Stoves

Log Fire Stoves’ LF 10 black and majave double-sided stove. POA

Ironheart by Esse

The Esse Ironheart is a cooking stove that also burns logs. From approximately £3,900

Sense 203 from Dovre

The Dovre Sense 203 — a cast iron stove with a contemporary look.
It costs approximately £1,795

Vision 500 by Clearview Stoves

The Clearview Vision 500 features a hot air-wash system for a clean burn. POA

CL5 Midline Stove by Yeoman

Yeoman’s CL5 Midline Stove, with storage space beneath costs approx. £1,184

7.3kW stove in Antique Enamel from Carron Stoves

7.3kW stove in Antique Enamel from Carron Stoves Direct costs £899

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