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With a wide variety of gate styles, you can create any design you require for the ideal automated entrance gate or barrier as the perfect solution to suit your home, building or landscape design.

Timber and steel gate designs are very popular in the UK but other materials and styles are available to you. Current trends for automated entrance gates include timber, steel and aluminium.


Which Style of Gate Will Best Suit My Home?


Figuring out which style of gate will best suit your home can be quite tricky due to the wide range of styles, materials and automation. Automated gates can be available as either swing or sliding entrance gates dependent on the layout of your home entrance and driveway.

Timber gates can be designed to suit both a traditional or contemporary home., Timber is often chosen for contemporary home design however to create a more traditional design you are able to incorporate steel or metal into these. Timber gates are a perfect way of creating a warm and inviting entrance into any building.

Steel gates will help you achieve a completely traditional design appearance which would be perfect for heritage buildings or conservation areas. This style of gate, due to the barred nature, is perfect to show off the beautiful architectural design of your home whilst still ensuring impressive amounts of security.

Aluminium gates are becoming increasingly popular as they can be made in all styles, sizes and are the perfect addition to any building type. The aluminium material can be designed to appear to be made from timber or steel, creating the design you want but due to aluminium’s lightweight nature, it is very possible to create much larger gate designs with less heavy duty operating mechanisms than steel or hardwood timber.

For a more daring design architectural metal gates can be created from almost any metal from Corten™ steel to patinated bronze and everything in between. By using all sorts of architectural metals you are able to create an automated gate that will perfectly match your home.

The latest gate designs are available to be finished in a range of bespoke hardwoods including Iroko, Shou Sugi ban burnt timber, European oak and American black walnut. These can then be perfectly matched to your front and garage door design for a well-rounded entrance design to your home.

IQ Gates can engineer your automation mechanisms to suit the weight of the gate you have chosen, the size required and the location it is being installed in. A wide range of access control options are available using the latest technology to offer a gate design that easily fits into your building design and lifestyle.

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