Finally, got a real, bona fide start date for the build! Eek! Is this really happening??? Everything starts on the 2nd of March.

It’s so exciting to be thinking about real things that are going to happen and to actually write a to-do-list where I can tick things off! Here’s the list so far:

  • Sign the contract with the builder – scary!
  • Get in touch with building warranty officer who wants to see the foundations being dug before the concrete gets poured in.
  • Utility connections (bit of a biggie this one and a few question marks about sewage access which are causing me to fall asleep a little later at night than usual). Get new quotations from suppliers as the last ones I received are now out of date.
  • Find out whether or not builder will be digging the trenches for the connections.
  • Inform the neighbours so they know what is going on.
  • Indulge myself by flicking through some home design catalogues. Perhaps a little early but I have waited long enough.
  • Pray for no rain and a glorious summer!
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