Ryobi ONE+ RPD18X-O Cordless Brushless Percussion Drill Review

We put Ryobi's RPD18X-0 cordless drill to the test to check if it's the right cordless drill for your toolbox

RYOBI ONE+ HP RPD18X-O cordless brushless percussion drill
(Image: © Ryobi)

Homebuilding Verdict

A high power cordless drill which is light weight and handles well, with only a few, minor drawbacks


  • +

    Brushless motor

  • +

    Metal keyless chuck

  • +

    Light weight

  • +

    LED light on battery cover

  • +

    Compatible with range of RYOBI ONE+ products

  • +



  • -

    Loud motor

  • -

    No belt clip

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Ryobi's HP RPD18X-0 tool is a step up from its standard cordless drill from it's ONE+ range, which use interchangeable batteries across a range that includes the usual suspects such as drills, saws and finishing tools but also has many additional products such as hedge trimmers, chain saws, lawn mowers, strimmers, vacuum cleaners and many more.

Including a hammer function, the RPD18X-0 cordless, brushless drill is great for not only driving screws and drilling into wood and metal, but can also be used from drilling into masonry when on the hammer mode. 

In this review, we put this tool to the test to see how it handles and whether it's worth of being named one of the best cordless drills you can buy. 


  • Cordless 
  • 18V
  • Brushless motor (more efficient)
  • Hammer mode
  • 95Nm Torque
  • 0 -315500 IPM (impacts per minute)
  • 13mm metal keyless chuck
  • LED light
  • Battery charge indicator on the battery .
  • Compatible with the Ryobi ONE + batteries up to 9Ah

How Does it Handle?

When we took the Ryobi ONE+ HP RPD18X-O brushless percussion drill out of the box, we were very pleasantly surprised. Here is a drill that feels very balanced and solid but is not too heavy. 

It has a metal keyless chuck that seems to hold on and not work loose like a lot of plastic alternatives and there is a 2 speed gearbox , which is easily selectable via a sliding switch on the top of the drill. The rotating clutch dial, which is found directly behind the chuck, is also the hammer function selector so you cannot forget to select the heavy clutch in hammer mode when drilling in masonry. 

The led light is mounted on the battery cover below the handle, rather than higher up on the drill near the index finger position, so the light is not obscured when using the alternative handle or using two hands to steady the drill. 

The drill is great being used for tiny pilot holes or for robust masonry hammer holes. At no point does the drill make you think it is not up to the task. The standard handle grip is moulded in such a way that it does not slip in your hand and the additional handle grip can be clamped easily onto the front of the drill for those times when two hands are required to steady the tool. 

Why there is no belt clip supplied with this drill is a mystery. There is a screw hole on either side of the drill handle so that a clip can be fitted, and you might expect it should be standard supply, especially on the HP model.

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