Kärcher K4 Premium Power Control Pressure Washer Review

We put the Kärcher K4 Premium Power Control pressure washer to the test to discover how it coped with blitzing all manner of muck from patios, rooftops and beyond

Washing a car with the Kärcher K4 Premium Power Control Pressure Washer
(Image: © Future/Linda Clayton)

Homebuilding Verdict

You’ll get plenty of bang for your buck with this punchy pressure washer. The Kärcher K4 Premium Power Control delivers more force than you might expect for the price and is packed with cool features to make light work of cleaning jobs around the home and garden. Sure, the set-up instructions are hopeless but, once sorted, expect to get addicted to blasting stains, algae and mildew from anything that doesn’t move.


  • +

    + Powerful

  • +

    + Great choice of nozzles

  • +

    + Easy to control

  • +

    + Built-in soap dispenser

  • +

    + Handles well


  • -

    – Stiff hose reel

  • -

    – Quite heavy

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The Kärcher K4 Premium Power Control Car and Home pressure washer is a mid-range washer aimed at domestic use yet powerful enough to tackle an extensive list of hardcore cleaning tasks.


·       Power rating: 1.8kW 

·       Max pressure: 130 bar

·       Max flow rate: 420L per hour

·       Area covered: 30 sq m per hour

·       Hose length: 8m

·       Power cord length: 5m

·       Nozzles: 2

·       Weight (without accessories): 12kg

·       Detergents: 1x surface cleaner, 1x car shampoo

·       Dimensions: L41.4cm x W30.6cm x H58.8cm

Linda Clayton

Linda Clayton is an experienced journalist, specialising in home, interiors and fitness for more than two decades. She’s a fastidious product reviewer, design obsessive, serial renovator, and amateur runner. Now on her fourth renovation project (a Victorian redbrick in Devon), when not busy at her keyboard, she can usually be found stripping wallpaper, grouting tiles or cleaning up after the builders. Again.