My parents have just moved house and have inherited an old conservatory. The roof needs replacing to stop it being freezing in winter and boiling in the summer. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the type of replacement roofs available and any recommendations. Thank you.

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    Well there are a few solutions which may be applicable in your case
    The first being a high performance glass application, the technology in glazing today makes it possible to produce a glass product that is highly insulating (U-Value of 1.1) as well as highly heat reflective(upto74%), although this may be the more expensive roofing option in my personal opinion it is the best, my opinion is base on 8 years experience in commercial glazing, when considering glass you will come across various different products some of which profess to be self cleaning, these products work well in hotter climates that experience more intensive sunlight the active agent in the glass is activated by intensive direct sunlight followed by rain, these conditions are obviously not prevalent in the UK so I wouldnt waste my time, also you would be well served incorporating an opening roof vent into the system this gives you added control of the temperature on those few summer days when the temp goes up above 25Celsius, lastly the glass roof has superior sound insulation and is therefore far quieter when it rains and makes the enclosure feel more like a room in the home as opposed to an additional external element but enough about that the other alternative is of course poly-carbonate roofing sheet, this is a type of plastic that is extruded with single or multiple layers of honeycomb like chambers or channels, the best practical polycarb application performs at about 1.5U-value (with thermal efficiency the lower the U value the better), lastly the polycarb fades and becomes brittle over time but it is a fair bit cheaper so the choice as always is dependent on personal preference, current or future circumstances and budget. (PPS)Pheiffer Property Services Ltd

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