Chartered Surveyor Ian Rock has seen his fair share of derelict buildings, and certainly knows how to spot a potentially successful renovation project from an ‘enter if you dare’ money pit. Fortunately, you don’t need to have experienced his years on the job first hand, as he imparts his knowledge to you in this handy checklist.

Acquiring the right property is a cardinal rule when looking to start a renovation project. You can improve your knowledge through a residential property survey, but there is plenty of value in walking through the property yourself and spotting some potential hazards.

Some of these should be strong signs to steer clear, but many may put off other buyers, or drive down the price while being relatively easy and cheap to fix.

Here’s a checklist of common things to keep an eye out for when assessing whether the property is the ideal canvas for your next project. Download and print to take with you.

The list includes how to spot defects in the following parts of a home:

  • Chimney stacks
  • Roofs and lofts
  • Flat roofs
  • Rainwater goods
  • Ceilings, internal walls and fireplaces
  • Walls and damp
  • Structural movement
  • Windows doors and joinery
  • Floors
  • Services
  • Grounds

Download your renovator’s checklist

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