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Renovating your living room can be a huge task but one that is inherently enjoyable; what’s better than putting your own stamp on your home? One step further than decoration, renovation allows you to emphasise the features you love and discreetly hide away or improve those you’re not so fond of. Whether you want to focus on key features like low beams, Victorian fireplaces or an Edwardian window, it’s up to you but once the builders have cleared away their tools, then comes the fun stuff – the cosmetics.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that your living room still needs to function as a space to relax and entertain as well as showing off your style, so seating is a core aspect. One of the huge trends this year is antique furniture and, as beautiful as it is, if you were to purchase an antique sofa then not only would you miss the big cushions of the chair that used to swallow you up, you’d also be terrified of breaking or damaging it.

The décor of your newly renovated living room will need to complement your changes as well as incorporating not only your style but those key 2013 trends. Rather than opting for the usual stark white painted walls why not use a mural? Elegant and graceful are two of the main buzzwords around 2013 décor trends and murals like floral ornament, vintage bronze and an elegant bookshelf can give that glamorous Gatsby feel when combined with antique furniture pieces, brass accents like lamps and switches and high gloss paint finishes.

The flooring in your new living room will also need to be specifically thought out. If you entertain more often than not why not opt for laminate, hardwood or even tiles? That way you don’t have to worry about stains on carpets and cleaning up after the continual footfall. When it gets to the colder months you can always add a place rug to make it feel cosier. On the flip side, if you’re more of a home bird then a thick carpet can offer that luxury feel and make it feel like your own private world. Lighting is also something to consider; you can use this as a feature in itself with modern fittings to offset the elegant nature of your room, or even go all out with a small chandelier or eye-catching floor lamp. Whatever trend you choose, be sure that it’s a place you’re happy to show off.

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