Almost two-thirds of homeowners are embarrassed by at least one element of their homes, new research reveals.

The findings, from home improvement retailer Wickes, were based on responses from over 1,000 Brits and reveal just how house-proud, or in certain instances, how not so house-proud we really are. 

Homeowners are reportedly most embarrassed by their bathrooms. A total of 16% said their bathroom caused them the most consternation, closely followed by kitchens (15%), gardens (10%) and cloakrooms (6%).

Additionally, 33% even admitted to apologising for the way their home looks, with over a third (35%) reporting feeling judged by guests they have invited around. 

Interestingly though, 31% admitted to judging their own friends and families’ houses when invited round. It’s perhaps not surprising that over half (57%) only invite people round once a month or less. 

Women (45%) were more likely than men (36%) to be harder on themselves when reflecting on their home’s interiors, while a regional divide was observed with Southerns (55%) more likely to be home conscious than Northerners (40%). 

Renovating a House

Renovating a house is an exciting way of fixing problems with your house, whether these relate to appearance, design or structure. 

Research from last year revealed that an estimated £55bn will be spent on renovations in 2020, with kitchens and bathrooms the popular renovations of choice.

A total of 41% of respondents wished their homes looked better, and renovating certain rooms in your house can help not just to make changes, but also increase your home’s worth. Updating heating and electrics, in particular, will add significant end value to your property.

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