Stay Fit at Home With Help From HBR’s New Sister Brand
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Homebuilding & Renovating has a new sister brand. is a new digital wellness offering with a mission to help people live happier, healthier and longer lives in the COVID-19 era.

Covering health and wellbeing, fitness, nutrition and mental health, the new site caters for all, regardless of gender, age or fitness level. It places a particular emphasis on home fitness technology, reflecting the move away from gym memberships to people to work out from home and the rise of app-based training products.

Creating a Dedicated Fitness Space

If spending more time at home during lockdown has inspired you to create a dedicated fitness space, the first step is to assess what space you already have and see if there is an opportunity to repurpose or convert it into your new fitness zone. 

While it is always more cost-effective to utilise existing space, if that isn't feasible, then you need to consider adding more.  

Check out these handy guides to creating additional living space:

Fitness and Wellbeing for All

Once you have the room to create a dedicated fitness space, will offer the best news, how-tos, reviews, recipes and buying guides to help everyone, from those who simply want to lose a few pounds all the way to those who want to train for a marathon.

The new site will also ensure that it caters for the booming ‘active aging’ population especially when it comes to recommending exercise plans and offering nutritional advice.

Paul Newman, Managing Director of says: “People’s priorities have naturally changed as a consequence of living through the greatest public health scare in living memory. Being fit and healthy is no longer an option, particularly for those in high-risk groups, it’s a practical necessity. And that’s why we’ve launched to provide people of all backgrounds with practical and accessible advice for everything from weight loss to eating more healthily.”

Sarah Handley

Sarah is a journalist, editor and the former Web Editor of She began her career more than a decade ago, working on the editorial team of Public Sector Building magazine, before joining the wider Homebuilding & Renovating team as Social Media Editor in 2012. Since purchasing her first house in 2015, Sarah has been adding to the ever-increasing list of home improvements she needs to make; including extending over the garage, resurfacing the driveway, replacing existing flooring and revamping the kitchen. Fortunately, her time with Homebuilding means she is not short on design inspiration or top tips to tackle or project manage these tasks herself.