Among the early announcements in 2017 from the Government on housing, has been more detail of the starter home initiative — the Starter Homes Land Fund. This is a scheme that will provide 200,000 homes to first time buyers at a discount of 20 per cent.

“I am very positive about anything that helps people get on the housing ladder and become homeowners and it’s interesting that although the exact detail of what a starter home is going to be hasn’t been released yet, we do know that it can include custom homes,” says NaCSBA chairman Michael Holmes.

“So while you won’t be able to self build from scratch, you would be able to work with a developer to create an individual design on some of the schemes.

“And then if you were really keen to self build, you could buy it perhaps as a shell and finish the house yourself, so you’d get an even better discount for buying a weathertight shell for self finish.”

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