The decisions to opt for bathrooms, shower rooms or cloakrooms amongst self builders have been revealed in new research. 

While a bathroom may seem like an obvious feature of a self built house, factors such as available space and budget may dictate what you are able to achieve.

For these reasons, it is useful for self builders and renovators to plan a bathroom design in advance, carefully considering how many rooms you want to build and how best to accommodate them. 

Around half (47.8%) of self build homes include at least one bathroom, according to just over 3,000 submissions to the Homebuilding & Renovating Build Cost Calculator

A total of 29.6% of self builds include two bathrooms, while 2.2% feature a staggering five bathrooms. Only 6.3% of self builds include no bathroom at all, opting instead for a shower room or cloakroom. 

The findings were similar among the 2,926 respondents who chose to include a shower room, which provides a great way to save space in a small bathroom. 

Amongst those respondents: 

  • Over 45% included one shower room
  • 16.9% featured two shower rooms
  • 0.8% included five shower rooms
  • 29.9% declined to feature this room

Make the Most of Your Space

No matter what size, shapes and budget at your disposal, it is entirely possible to self build, renovate or remodel a bathroom and create a stylish and functional space.

If you find yourself short of space then a cloakroom makes for a great fit. Cloakroom toilets are creatively designed to make the most of the space you have.

Out of the 2,993 respondents to the Build Cost Calculator who answered ‘Will the build include a cloakroom?’, 66.9% said their build included one cloakroom, while 31.8% chose not to include a cloakroom.

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