The situations where Brits are more likely to shy away from DIY have been revealed in a new survey. 

According to a MoneySuperMarket survey which collected data during 2017, more than half of all regions in the UK said they often avoided completing DIY tasks. 

The Welsh are the biggest avoiders of DIY in the UK, the survey showed, with 68% regularly avoiding DIY tasks.

However, there are several tasks that Brits choose to tackle themselves, with 69% saying they did so to save money. 

Amongst the household DIY tasks attempted, fixing a blocked sink was tried by 85% of respondents. This was followed by:

  • A blocked toilet (77%)
  • A blocked drain (64%)
  • Broken or blocked gutters (41%)
  • Broken electrical switches (38%)

While many choose to hire professionals for renovations or home improvements, DIY can help to cut costs on a building project, and end up adding overall value to the property.

For self builders and renovators, choosing to go it alone on DIY can eliminate costs you would otherwise pay for labour. Research by Homebuilding & Renovating shows that this typically accounts for between 45-60% of total costs.  

The survey also revealed that certain room renovations added an average property value increase of 10.8%.

Rachel Wait, consumer affairs spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, said of the survey’s findings: “If you are thinking about home improvements, it’s worth carefully considering how you will pay for them and the benefits they could bring. Even those that might not seem affordable could be achieved with smart financial planning.”

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