‘I Saved 40% on my Energy Bills After Installing Secondary Glazing’

Murrays’ Mills, Ancoats, central Manchester
(Image credit: Granada Glazing)

A homeowner who replaced single glazed windows with secondary glazing says her energy bills fell by around 40%.

Soaring energy price rises could see millions of households pay an extra £800 per year when the Energy Price Cap increases in October, but improving your home’s thermal efficiency can help to keep costs down. 

Lindsey Gordon had 11 secondary glazed panels fitted in her three-bedroom apartment in Manchester in February 2021, with the intention to primarily reduce external noise. She had previously paid around £450 a month for her electricity, but this fell to £230 in March. 

“We had a whole year where we couldn’t understand why the bills were so big. I reckon it’s a 40% saving overall,” she said. “Although bills are going up, we’re saving over £200 a month.”

Lindsey moved into the all-electric duplex flat at Murrays’ Mills, Ancoats, central Manchester, in November 2019, and says she noticed an immediate difference in heat retention and noise reduction, with rooms remaining warmer for longer after the heating is turned off. 

“Secondary glazing is the best investment we’ve made, I think, on this property to date. It’s made a huge difference, saved us money and the flat is now silent and warm,” added Lindsey. 

‘A Very Wise Investment’

Lindsey says the installation of Granada Glazing secondary glazing was a “very wise investment”, and for the right property secondary glazing could be the perfect way to make your windows more energy efficient. 

Secondary glazing involves the installation of an additional window behind an existing window and is suitable for any home that has less energy efficient windows, often single glazed, as well as for homes in conservation areas. 

It differs from double glazing which involves installing a new window comprising two panels of glass which trap air to reduce heat loss. 

Secondary glazing tends to be cheaper than double glazing, but it is not as efficient. “A double glazed window is around twice as effective as secondary glazing,” says energy expert and Homebuilding & Renovating contributor Tim Pullen. “However, these levels are based on averages, and do not take into account efficiency of seals, frames and other elements.”

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