How this 'dream' pink kitchen with zoning was built with a budget of £25,000

A pink kitchen with a large mural of a tree on one wall and a pink kitchen island
Flo from Streatham wanted to create a larger "communal space" to invite friends and family over, and while she was at it wanted to create a pink kitchen which she always dreamed of (Image credit: Channel 4)

A homeowner has spent £25,000 transforming her "tiny" kitchen into her own pink paradise with clever zoning and a peninsular island.

Flo, a digital communications officer from Streatham, bought her three bedroom house from her parents for £495,000, but decided to increase the size of the kitchen by knocking down an internal as well as giving the space a pink make-over. 

The renovation was featured on George Clarke's Old House New Home, and we take a look at the kitchen extension ideas you could take from her project.

Knocked through old kitchen and into the hallway

One of the major problems Flo wanted to solve was the cramped downstairs. At 946 sqft the house wasn't small, but Flo felt the space wasn't used well.

Flo stated: "I couldn't be more excited to have my own space but as a first home I wanted a big communal social space."

The layout when she bought the home had a hallway that she described as "big and useless", whereas the kitchen was "tiny".

"It's too small," she said. "Ideally when I've got family and friends over, I'd like to be able to cook and socialise at the same time. And that doesn't allow for that."

She decided to knock down a number of walls downstairs to extend the kitchen into the large hallway to create more space.

However, on the show George Clarke warned against an open plan design and recommended keeping a wall between the kitchen and living room saying: "Open plan living only works when you've got the space between the different zones."

An orange sofa in a kitchen diner with wooden flooring

Flo stated she wanted the kitchen to be used for inviting friends and family over, which she couldn't do previously as her old kitchen was "tiny" (Image credit: Channel 4)

How her dream pink kitchen became a reality for £25k

With the walls knocked down Flo started work on the interior design, and she was clear with her peninsula kitchen ideas that she wanted a pink theme.

Flo said: "I like pastel colours. It's always been a dream of mine to have a pink kitchen, so why not do it."

She started by painting kitchen cabinets and painting the wall between the kitchen and living room pink. Meanwhile, a large mural was added to a large section of wall with a pink background. Pink light fixtures were installed for her kitchen lighting ideas, and so not to overdo it on the pink, Flo opted for an orange sofa.

The kitchen-diner has a fully pink wall with a tree mural on the other whilst the kitchen cupboards are pink

Flo said it was always a "dream" of hers to have a pink kitchen (Image credit: Channel 4)

End result is 'stylish and fun' with clever zoning

Flo said upon completion: "It's come out exactly how I wanted it. The space just works so well in terms of hosting and having people over. It's exactly how I've wanted it.

"My younger self would be so pleased that I followed through and actually got a pink kitchen."

George commented on the colours saying they were "stylish and fun" and said: "I love the way you've defined different zones, I love the mural on the wall."

The homeowner dressed in pink with George Clarke in her newly renovated kitchen

George Clarke said he loved the mural on the wall in particular (Image credit: Channel 4)

Also added bright colours when renovating staircase

The £25,000 renovation didn't stop at the kitchen, and neither did the bright coloured theme.

Flo decided to paint her staircase and hallway in a similar fashion to her new kitchen. Flo stated: "I'm thrilled with it. It looks great, but it fulfils the function that I need it too."

George commented on the staircase and runner stating: "I love how you've picked up tones of colour which you've used elsewhere."

He praised Flo for her work saying what she did was "brave and fun" and stuck to her budget, whilst getting exactly what she wanted. You can read more on how to paint stairs in our guide.

The hallway is led through a lime green door and the stair carpet is bright red with brown hints through the middle

Flo painted her entire staircase and runner in a similar fashion to her kitchen, which includes pink painted steps and bannisters (Image credit: Channel 4)
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