Edwardian mansion in Glasgow renovated using traditional designs and architectural features

The front of the Edwardian renovation of Kirklee Mansion shows stone builds and many windows
Kirklee Mansion in Glasgow has been renovated using Edwardian inspired features throughout the house (Image credit: BBC)

An Edwardian mansion in Glasgow has been given a renaissance-styled make-over as part of an extensive renovation project.

Kirklee Mansion is based in Glasgow’s West End and is home to Jason, John and their Dalmatian, Mitzi Belle.

Originally three separate townhouses, the property is now split to form single-level apartments with Kirklee Mansion sitting on the first floor. 

Homeowners Jason and John spent a lot of time restoring Kirklee Mansion to its former glory, maintaining key architectural details throughout and showing what can be achieved when renovating a house.

Hitchcock inspired kitchen-diner

The kitchen-dining room is partially inspired by the 1950s Alfred Hitchcock film Vertigo. 

The couple have a replica of a portrait of one of the characters from the film, Madeleine Elster, hanging next to their dining area.

“Vertigo is one of our favourite Hitchcock films" explained John, which is what prompted the couple to include the framed painting.

The couple’s favourite spot is an armchair called "Lilibet", the childhood name of Elizabeth II, which has the best views of their expansive living room and sits under a picture of Sir George Arthur Mitchell, the original owner of Kirklee Mansion.

Edwardian inspiration throughout

John Dawson, 43, and Jason Mokrovich, 40, spent a year and a half restoring the Edwardian townhouse but wanted to make sure the home stayed true to its roots by using traditional furniture and lighting fixtures. 

Typical of Edwardian homes, Kirklee Mansion has wider and spacious rooms, high ceilings and large hallways with plenty of windows.

The en suite bedroom has a large window and fireplace and wooden panelled floors with a white linen bed covering

The house has Edwardian inspiration throughout with its large ceilings, bountiful windows and spacious rooms (Image credit: BBC)

Renovation aiming to win Scotland's Home of the Year

The bathroom also has hints from Edwardian architecture with floor tiles, but does also take modern inspiration with ceramic walls and walk-in shower.

The Edwardian house renovation has been entered into BBC's 'Scotland's Home of the Year' into the West category.

The bathroom has white tiles and a white sink on a stand and a walk-in shower with a mirror next to it

The bathroom also has hints of Edwardian architecture with tiled flooring but with more modern influences such as the walk-in shower (Image credit: BBC)
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