A children’s den in Scotland is potentially one of the smallest buildings to have received planning permission in the UK.

Architect/homeowner Peter Smith, of Roderick James Architects, applied for planning permission earlier this year for the den, as part of his garage extension. The den stands at just 1.8 x 1.2m.

While a garden den would not normally require planning permission and would typically fall under Permitted Development (PD), Peter included it as part of the application because his family lives in an ‘Article 4’ area — a designation applied by the local planning authority.

Article 4 provision means that if a house is located in a designated area, then PD rights may be restricted or removed in the interest of maintaining the character of the local area.

The den is complete with trap door, folding ladder and Thunderbirds-styled elevating roof

Peter, who is based in Glasgow, filed the drawings of his den (based on sketches by his children, pictured below) in the application to East Renfrewshire Council. He and his children were delighted to have received planning permission two weeks ago.

Peter’s children’s sketches of the den were included in the application

The UK’s smallest project to require planning permission?

The den, which is complete with trap door, folding ladder, bean bags and Thunderbirds-styled elevating roof, is made out of plywood skin and yellow cedar cladding.

Peter built the den with the help of his two children and it will be used for chilling out, reading comics and stargazing, with the elevating roof soon to feature a telescope.

It is just over 2m² complete, and while we were unable to verify if this qualified it as the world’s smallest building to receive planning permission, it is most certainly a contender!

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