15 Great Glazing Ideas

Glazed gabel end of extension to cottage
(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Using glazing to introduce natural light into the home, whether you’re building from scratch or adding an extension, is a top priority for homeowners wanting to do away with dark spaces in the centre of the floorplan or feel claustrophobic by small, pokey rooms.

Whether you go for swathes of full-height, ultra-wide sliding glass, add rooflights or even get creative with glass floors/ceilings and even staircases, there are plenty of ways of introducing glazing into your home to inject daylight — and borrowed light from other spaces too. Here, we list some great glazing ideas to provide inspiration for your project.

Daisy Jeffery

Daisy was Features Editor on Homebuilding & Renovating magazine for more than five years and had a passion for all things design. She has since moved on to pastures new.