Whether it’s laying a floor, de-slating a roof, using a mini-digger or building a log-store, for the last four years our mantra has been, “how hard can it be?”

Well, we’re just about finished, and the answer is: sometimes very hard but always very rewarding.

There are things we’d have done differently, but we got there in the end. The stairs weren’t the right material and were dented by workmen’s boots…so we painted them bright green. They look great. The ground source heat pump is a law unto itself, but the stove and sunroom are wonderful.

There are still annoying ends which need to be tied off. We are more than frustrated with little jobs which have taken more than a year to be completed, but I’m sure our builder and architect will be equally glad to see the back of us. We’ll open a bottle of fizz when the completion certificate arrives. If you’re housebuilding too you’ll know no-one can afford champagne at the end of it, except Grand Designs.

Now, sadly, we are going to have to rent it out as a holiday house for a while. Come and stay! We hope you’ll love it as much as we do. http://www.cottages4you.co.uk/cottages/lower-towie-steading-29253

We hope to live there one day, but in the meantime we have a new task. We have just adopted two adorable little boys. Parenting: how hard can it be?

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